Thursday, December 27, 2018

SMB Stunna & DJ Milticket Release “Blue Racks” Single [AUDIO STREAM]

Chicago artist SMB Stunna is ending the forth quarter with his latest release, “Blue Racks” produced by Chicago native, DJ Milticket. “Blue Racks” is SMB Stunna’s first single release post his debut mixtape, ‘Born Stunna” which released earlier this year with features from Mikey Dollaz and Hypno Carlito. 

Instagram @smbstunna
Twitter @SMB_Stunna
Soundcloud: @smbstunna

Stream “Blue Racks”

Jermigo - All I (Official Video) #411WithNellaD

Official music video for Jermigo "All I"


Nella D's Top 18 Cincinnati Songs of 2018! #411WithNellaD

Cincinnati had a lot of good music in 2018! This is a list of my personal favorites. Click each song to check it out. Congratulations to all the artist that made the list!

1. Gaida - Glacier Mode 
2. A.R Fiteen - Blues
3. Cook LaFlare ft Skylar Blatt - Never Get Enough
4. Blood Brothaz - Who Run It (Remix)
5. Skally - Pookie
6. Paydro - Countin Up A Bag
7. HighWay Rich - Dope On Yo Block
8. Gelati Zoe - G-WOP 2
9. Paydro & Gaida - Raf Simmons
10. Jayme Shaye - Cuddy
11. Flash Money - Jugg Talk 
12. No Love (Boogie) - Back To Vegas
13. Bank Booda - Russian Creme
14. Bell Bros - Scramblen
15. Birddo - What He On
16. Princinnati ft Evan - Talk To Me 
17. CB ft Princess Tiana - Jody
18. Zakiraa - Sweet Dreams

Monday, December 24, 2018

Bell Bros - Bust A Bag (Official Video) #411WithNellaD

New video from the Bell Bros "Bust A Bag". Check it out below. Keep up with the Bell Bros on Instagram @_LonelyStoners.

Big Benji - Dreams Of Getting Rich (Official Video) #411WithNellaD

Up & Coming Cincinnati artist Big Benji releases the video to his latest single "Dreams Of Getting Rich". Check it out below and stay locked in with Big Benji on Instagram @BigBenji_KOC & Twitter @1BigBenji.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Fasscoupe FT Jose Guapo "Face" [Official Music Video]

Stream Fasscoupe FT Jose Guapo 'Percocets & Pounds' EP:

Directed by Papi Films Instagram

@Fasscoupe @Fasscoupeceno  Facebook @Fasscoupe Youtube @Fasscoupe Spotify @Fasscoupe Twitter @CenoAfterCeno @Fasscoupe_TCE

G Perico Opens For Freddie Gibbs At The Masquerade (Atlanta, GA) VLOG

G Perico takes his fans through a musical tour of South Central, LA. Salute G Perico, D Bugg,  & So Way Out!

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Monday, December 3, 2018

Strap Of Travis Porter Speaks On Status Of The Group, Dropping Out Of School For Music & More [The Progress Report]

Strap is known as the 3rd member of the rap trio, Travis Porter. Travis Porter is responsible for hit records such as "Aww Yea", "Go Shorty Go", "Bananas", "Ayy Ladies", "Bring It Back" and "Make It Rain”. In a recent interview with The Progress Report, Strap speaks on dropping out of high school to pursue rap dream, solo career, and the status of Travis Porter as a collective. 


“If it wasn’t for music I don’t know where I would be” ~ Strap Da Fool

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Friday, November 30, 2018

B. Savage - Show You Off ft HighWay Rich (Video) #TeamPedigree

Team Pedigree Presents B. Savage "Show You Off" ft HighWay Rich. Check out the video below and keep up with them on IG @B.Savage27 & @StillHighWayRich. 

Flash Moneyy - Road Runnin (Video) #411WithNellaD

New video from upcoming artist Flash Moneyy from Northside called Road Runnin. Check it out below and and keep up with him on IG & Twitter @Flash_Moneyy.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Dom Kennedy Speaks On Mac Miller, Win Or Lose Tour, OPM Compilation Album & More [The Progress Report]

“If you gone put in the work, you have to do it when nobody is watching”

LA’s own Dom Kennedy recently spoke to Lalaa Shepard of The Progress Report following his Win Or Lose concert in Atlanta about knowing his purpose, Mac Miller’s contributions to Hip Hop, reading list, favorite Anita Baker & Bobby Womack records, upcoming OPM compilation album, Young Nation Part 2, & more! 

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

BlueFace Bally & Bobby Kritical Link Up For 'xVideos'

BlueFace Bally is making noise throughout Atlanta with his 2 mixtapes Blue Face Trip & Overly High both executive produced by Dun Deal. Now Bally is back with a new single, “xVideos” produced by K Camp’s producer, Bobby Kritical.

Instagram @bluefacebally
Twitter @bluefacebally
Soundcloud @bluefacebally

Youtube @bluefacebally 

Al Nuke Discusses Being An Intern For Zaytoven Then Becoming His Manager, Karma & Birds Of A Feather Films [The Progress Report]

“Don’t expect nothing out of people in 2018 & beyond”  [Al Nuke] 

In the Halloween edition of The Progress Report, Detroit native Al Nuke discusses coming from foster care system, being Zaytoven’s manager, directing the Birds Of A Feather films, and his new podcast, Nuke At Night. During the interview, Al Nuke gives tips for entrepreneurs to achieve longevity in their fields. He details his experience in prison, recalls dropping the ball with Birdman by having his emotions on his shoulders, his transition from Detroit to Atlanta, BMF’s impact in Detroit, difficulties with Netflix, defines the word “progress”, and shares thoughts on Usher and Zaytoven’s new album, A. 

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Dreamville Records Artist Cozz Discusses J Cole Teaching Him How To Meditate & Life Before The Record Deal [The Progress Report]

The Progress Report caught up with Dreamville Records/ Interscope Records artist Cozz about signing with J Cole, Win or Lose Tour life with Dom Kennedy, South Central LA roots, music & more!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

MPR Tito Talks Being Hoodrich Pablo Juan's Artist, Spending Birthday With Gucci Mane & New Mixtape [The Progress Report]

MPR Tito is a rapper from East Atlanta signed to Hoodrich Pablo Juan’s Money Power Respect label. In a new interview with The Progress Report, MPR Tito speaks on his first day out of prison and spending his most recent birthday at the Rolling Loud Music Festival with Gucci Mane and Asian Doll. MPR Tito also speaks about his upcoming mixtape, Eat Ya Faxe and the success of his debut mixtape, Rixh Blxxd.

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Monday, November 12, 2018

Sleepy LaFlare - I Pray ft Yung Yash & Shadayawar (Video) #411WithNellaD

Sleepy LaFlare new video to his single "I Pray". Sleepy LaFlare focus is to speak truth to the people through his music. Keep up with Sleepy LaFlare on IG @SleepyLaFlare.

CB Talks New Album 'Manifest' With Nella D #411UnCut #CB

CB sits down with Nella D to talk about his new album "Manifest", moving to Atlanta, and more! Check out his new album Manifest on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, & Amazon Music.

Chicago Artist SMB Stunna Releases "Lifestyle" Music Video Directed By Will Gates

“Lifestyle” is the fifth released music video from SMB Stunna’s debut mixtape, Born Stunna which released September 17th on all streaming platforms. On “Lifestyle”, SMB Stunna reflects on securing the bag and his first time visiting Miami. 
SMB Stunna, an independent rapper from Chicago, is redefining how the world views trap music. Coming out of the West side of Chicago in the Henry Horner projects, SMB Stunna, witnessed his mother work multiple jobs to support their home while his father faced drug charges. With this type of upbringing, it isn’t a surprise that the rapper turned to the streets. Instead of being “trapped” in his situation, SMB Stunna is using his way with words to create the life he’s always envisioned.
Stunna has always been musically inclined and showcased his lyrical abilities on major outlets
like Fox News at just 10 years old. Flash forward to present day, the rapper boasts over 1
million views on World Star Hip Hop for his visuals to his most recent track “Ric Flair”. He also
recently released the Hypno Carlito (Lil Durk - OTF) assisted “Big Business” that’s gaining
traction online. Stunna Dre’s defines his sound as “ahead of its time” often reflecting on his own
story. “People should listen because it’s real,” says the rapper. “I’m not here to portray an
image. I’m here to be myself and rap about situations I’ve been through”.
SMB Stunna balances running his own label, Street Made Brothers, and releasing new music. He
released his debut full-length project titled Born Stunna hosted by DJ Bandz Monday, September 17th to all streaming platforms. The project features appearances from Hypno Carlito, Mikey Dollaz, LBanditGang, and production from Luhtim, DJ Mil Ticket & more.
Instagram @smbstunna
Twitter @SMB_Stunna
Soundcloud: @smbstunna

Thursday, November 8, 2018

FDW Bay Bay Drops "My Intentions" Music Video From Upcoming Mixtape 'Sorry 4 The Slime'

FDW Bay Bay is gearing up to release his sophomore project, Sorry 4 The Slime sometime this month hosted by Cardi B’s official DJ, DJ Ray G. Last year FDW Bay Bay released his debut project, Sippin Therapy which featured Young Scooter, Cook Laflare, and CMG artists, MoneyBagg Yo and Blac Youngsta. 

Instagram: @FDWBayBay
Twitter @BayBay_FDW
Soundcloud @BayBay_FDW

Facebook @FDWBayBay

Thursday, November 1, 2018

BlueFaceBally drops the official music video to “Sweet Tooth”!

BlueFaceBally just delivered the first official visual to “Sweet Tooth” from his latest EP, Overly High.

Blue Face Trip:


Overly High:

Instagram @bluefacebally
Twitter @bluefacebally
Soundcloud @bluefacebally

Youtube @bluefacebally 

Monday, October 29, 2018

All Female Rap Cypher [The Progress Report]

The Progress Report presents its first all female rap series, CypHER featuring Jaylii (Cincinnati, OH), Pap Chanel (Macon, GA), Loyalty Tee (Atlanta, GA), and Ziggy (DMV). 

The CypHER features freestyles from female musicians and poets and is dedicated to empowering women with words.

All beats used in the CypHER are produced by Bubba Doran. 

Submit to participate in the CypHER by emailing

Social Media:
Instagram: @TheProgressReport101 @LalaaShep @Bossbritt__@DJexel @jayliigotjuice @papchannel @theeloyaltee @ziggyworldwide @BubbaDoran1

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Video shot & edited by Anthony Hudson @_anthonyhudson 

Friday, October 26, 2018

Stream MuffynMan’s 4 Track EP Called 'Unlimited' Produced By ChopSquad DJ

MuffynMan is a St. Louis artist known for spoken word and Hip Hop. Today he released his second EP titled Unlimited executively produced by Chopsquad DJ. Unlimited is an intimate 4 track EP available to stream on all digital platforms through MuffynMan’s label, Rip Squad Entertainment LLC.
Social media:
Instagram @muff.get.em
Twitter @MuffynMan
Facebook @MuffynMan
Soundcloud @MuffynMan

Monday, October 22, 2018

Lil Mikey TMB & KC Da Beatmonster Want Smoke [AUDIO]

Oakland’s own, Lil Mikey TMB and KC Da Beatmonster link for “Smoke” which is the first single to Mikey’s upcoming mixtape Deep In My Thoughts hosted by DJ Scream.
Instagram @LilMikey_TMB
Twitter @MoneyBoyMikey
Soundcloud @Champagne Elite Music Group
Snapchat @LilMikey_TMB

Youtube @OfficialTMBChannel

Lil CJ Kasino Talks Fort Worth Texas Rap Scene, Mom Dying of Cancer & Linking With Hoodrich [The Progress Report]

Stream ‘The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes’
Lil CJ Kasino is a rapper from Fort Worth, Texas who has been rapping since
 8 years old. In a new interview with The Progress Report, Lil CJ discusses the success of his mixtape series, fatherhood, mother
 dying at a young age, linking with Hoodrich Entertainment, and looking up to Cheif Keef, 21 Savage, and Hoodrich Pablo Juan.
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Friday, October 19, 2018

Fasscoupe Speaks Boston Rap Scene, Unreleased Music With Gucci Mane & More [The Progress Report]

Fasscoupe is a movement from Boston who recently released their third project, ‘Hood Mascot’ and just toured with Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Yung Mal & Lil Quill on the MONY POWR RSPT Tour. In a recent interview with The Progress Report, 1/2 of Fasscoupe speaks about the independent hustle, legal issues, unreleased music with Gucci Mane, and addresses Boston rap scene and Boston artists, Cousin Stizz, Joyner Lucus, and BIA.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Maintain - Can't Believe It #411WithNellaD (Video)

New music video from Maintain titled "Can't Believe It". Check out the video below and keep up with Maintain on IG & Twitter @Maintain1087. 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Scotty ATL Addresses Misconceptions About Atlanta, Joint Mixtape With Bankroll Fresh, & More [The Progress Report]

“If you ain’t taking over your own city, its gonna be hard to take over Atlanta”

Scotty ATL is a multi-faceted entrepreneur from the Eastside of Atlanta. During an interview with The Progress Report, Scotty ATL discusses growing up in Atlanta, falling in love with music, new single, “Rachet” produced by Tasha Catour, smoking preference, Cool Club collective label, relationship with the late Bankroll Fresh & more.

Instagram @ScottyATL @TheProgressReport101 @Lalaashep

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Legend Lesbian - "Keys" [AUDIO]

The Militia is coming, but this warfare is being fought with words instead of weapons.  Lesbian Legend, also known as Schadre Dent, is an artist, poet, and designer, that fuses music and fashion to battle it out in this mundane industry. As a visionary, Dent is on a clear path to creating an empire equipped for the long haul. 

Schadre Dent holds many hats including being the Chief Creative Director of her own brand, the Worst Militia Clothing. In music and design, Dent represents the intersectionality of being both black and queer and works on spreading this awareness in a series of pop up shops. The Militia Pop Up is hosted in various cities across the US connecting with other creatives in each city to create an atmosphere where individuals are comfortable in sharing their art and stories.

Most recently, the creative writer released a three track EP titled The Poet released on Soundcloud. Check out the official audio to the lead single, “Keys”.

Instagram @LegendLesbian
Facebook @TheLegendPoet
Soundcloud @LegendLesbian 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Dun Deal Discusses Migos Progression & Introduces His Artist BlueFaceBally On The Progress Report

Producer & CEO of The Remedy Productions Group, Dun Deal On The Track is known for producing hit records, “Stoner” for Young Thug, “Hannah Montana” for Migos, “She Twerkin” for Ca$hOut, and many others. In a recent interview with The Progress Report, Dun Deal spoke about longevity in the music business and references Migos’ career and introduces his new artist, BlueFaceBally. BlueFaceBally is originally from New York but was raised in East Atlanta. He has 2 projects out, Blue Face Trip and Overly High and a single with Gunna called “Porshe”. 

Blue Face Trip:


Overly High:

Instagram @dundealonthetrak @bluefacebally @TheProgressReport101 @Lalaashep @DJExel @BossBritt__

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